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Holidays Homework for Class 5th Military

The Royal Sainik Vidyapeeth

Class-5th (Military Group)



1.      One word substitution ,words commonly confuse, synonyms,the verbs, homonyms, write and learn 5 times each.

2.      Topic:- The Noun ,The Pronoun, The Preposition,The Article. Learn and practice of exercise in book.

3.      1.Paragraph :-

(a). My Best Friend     (b).My Country      (c).My Favorite Game. Write and learn 2times in notebook.

4.      2.Informal letters :-

(a). lesson 1 about  your studies at school. (b). lesson 3 successin the examination . (c). lesson-5 attention to his health.

5.      3. Formal letters:- (a). lesson-16  change your section. (b). lesson-20  school leaving certificate  (c). Electricity in your locality.

G.K. (If you have):- Class 5 book lesson 1-22 learn. Class 6book lesson 1 to 15 learn. Write and learn 2 times from class notebook.

E.V.S. :- Learn lesson 1 to 8 lesson from notebook. Write and learnwhole exercise of these chapters 2 times in holiday homework notebook.[onlyexercise, Draw and make chart on THE SOLAR SYSTEM.

Reasoning :- Revise and solve chapter 1 to 6.

Maths :- Table 6 to 30 (10 times) , Square 1 to 35(10 times) Cube1 to 15(10 times)