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Holidays Homework for Class 10th

The Royal Sank Vidyapeeth


Holidays Homework

English:-Grammar:-Page no-18 to26(10 unseen passage).Pageno-71(diary entry 4 to 8).Page no-86(article 4 to 8).Page no-116(letter 10 to17).Page no-124(short story 1 to 7).Complete exercise of tense. Pageno-351(exercise 1 to 5).Do the given worksheet.

S.S. :-Do the given worksheet and lean all chapters done inclass and do the given map work.

Computer:-Read unit 3nd write /learn 30 one line short answertype question from each chapter of this unit.

Maths :-Solve the math’s ut in notebook. Revise the chapter  polynomials, pairs of linear equation in two.variable, quadratic equation, arithmetic progression, real number, trigonometryone time in notebook. Do the given worksheet.

Science:-Chemistry:-Do the given assignments and  learn chapter 1 and 4 for test.

Physics:-Do the given worksheet. Solve the physics UT innotebook. Learn chapter  1,2 and 3.