Holidays Homework for Class 9th

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Holidays Homework for Class 9th

The Royal Sank Vidyapeeth


Holidays Homework

English :-Grammar:-Page no- 18 to 22(5unseen passage ),Page no- 71 (diary entry 2,3),Page no-86(article- 1,2,3),Pageno-124(short story-1,2,5,6),Page no-115(letter-1,2,3),Complete exercise of  tense. Page no-351 (ex-1 to5)

Maths:-Solve maths UT. Revise all chapters. Dogiven worksheet.

Computer:-.Read unit 1 of part B. write andlearn 50 short answer type que. from 1st five session of  unit.

Physics :-Do 1 worksheet. Learn chapter-8,9.Projectshould be given.

S.S. :-Geography :-Do given worksheet. Do mapwork. Learn all chapters.

Chemistry :-Revise chapter 1 and 2. Readchapter 2 and write the question from this chapter.