Holidays Homework for Class 8th

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Holidays Homework for Class 8th

The Royal Sank Vidyapeeth


Holidays Homework

Maths:- Table (2 to 30) (write 5 times), Squaretable (1 to 30) (write 5 times), Cube tables (1 to 20) (write 5 times), Revisionof chapter -1,2,3 in holiday RNB.

English :- Do chapter 1 of grammar and page153 fill similes. Comprehension:-158 to 163. Notice(page 168) do first 2. Letterwriting (page 176) do letter B.D. Article writing (page 192) do a, b. Learnunderstanding word letter page 129. Learn antonyms and synonyms (page 223,225) Learnchapter-1,2 of Honeydew and chapter-1,2 of it so happened.

Science:- Solve NCERT que./ans. of chapter 1to4 and 11,12. Prepare chart/modal on suggested topic.

S.S. :- Note the temperature of everydayfrom 1st June to 30th June then calculate the averagetemp of June month. Mention the rainy day in June month. Draw a map and itsstate. Soil distribution in India on map. Minerals distribution in India onmap.

Computer :- Read chapter :-1,2 andwrite/learn 40 short answer type que./ans. from each of these chapters.