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Here we make students behaviorally refined and morally forthright by imbibing self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, along with apt etiquette and essential life skills. Inculcate inter-personal skills that foster mutual co-operation, respect for authority, loyalty towards family,friends and fellow citizens with a sense of responsibility that makes them sensitive towards the society and the environment.  

Train students to be self-reliant, hardworking, resourceful and industrious for achieving perfection in all tasks that they undertake.Teach them to appreciate diversity in cultures and religions and adapt a harmonious collective living. Induct practical thinking, general awareness,managerial abilities and leadership skills that aid them in goal setting for career and life.




Social Skills and Awareness

1...Interaction with Eminent 2...Personalities



5...Self-reliance Programme

6...Career Guidance


8...Out Station Excursions

9...Assembly Talks

10...Team-building Games 

11...Talent Search Activities

12....Mock Interviews

13....School Departments’ Management

14...Student Club Activities

15....Inter-school Festivals & Competitions

16.... Tree plantation


Social Responsibility


Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW)

Campus Maintenance

Rural Medical Camps

Leadership Training

Life Skills Training

Rural Upliftment Programmes

Visit to Old-age Homes